Kids Hip-Hop Dance Crew

Hip Hop Dance class.

The popularity of Hip-hop has propelled this dance style into a major dance form. Anyone from any age group has the ability to engage and enjoy the dance moves associated with this dance. They are fun, energetic, free flowing and promote a great exercise component and a social outlet.

Wheelchair Dancers Organization have taken some of the popular dance moves and created an easy to follow dance sequence. These dance moves are set to music that has been cleaned of any lewd lyrics to make it applicable to all audiences. A simple layout is provided and the steps are taught in sequence.

The dance steps are adaptive in nature, so they can be modified to accommodate any mobility limitation. Therefore, when we dance, it is designed to be an all-inclusive experience. Kids and people without disabilities or in wheelchairs, walkers or power assisted chairs can also take part in the activity.

An eight week class, one day a week is preferred as a time frame to allow practice and repetitive cognizance for the dance steps. The dance sequences will be adapted to the individual depending on what limitation is present. Therefore they can feel comfortable with what they are doing in the dance sequence. Everybody has their own dance moves to practice so they can be part of the whole dance presentation. In addition, the steps that are introduced can be used separately in any social dance venue that the person wants to attend, providing yet another avenue for social adaptation and inclusion with their able-body peers.



We realize that mobility issues is a major factor that make it hard for families to participate in adaptive programs for their children.

So we have partnered with various local schools, that have a high enrollment of children with disabilities, to provide a during school Adaptive Dance program.

The dance program is a fun, energetic, interactive activity. It is a six week program that teaches the kids an up beat dance routine to a favorite hip-hop song. The kids interact with the rest of their peers in preparation for a final showcase to be performed in front of friends and family.

The physical benefits of the program, assists with the maintenance of physical balance, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and it enhances respiratory control.

The psychological effects of this Program are social interaction with peers and adults. It is an opportunity to engage in a fun and friendly event with the others.

An evaluation is done for every child in the Program to identify specific areas of mobility and physical challenges. The ability level is to be noted and documented by qualified school staff. These “before” findings of ability levels will then be compared to the ability level that has been achieved “after” the program has been completed. Our goal is to document any improvement in motor skills, intellectual and attention improvements that will be attained through the program.

This program is only made possible through your generous donations. So please consider helping us make a difference in the lives of these very special children.


We are excited about designing a youth program to include the special needs children in our community.

The disabled youth in our country are a greatly underserved part of our community. We have identified over 15k youth in the San Diego area that have some sort of disability that exclude them from some of life’s growing experiences, team work, accomplishment, social interaction and inclusivity with their peers, just to name a few.


Because Everyone Deserves to Dance


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CCS and Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary

The goal of the Youth Adaptive Dance Program is to promote independence, increased quality of life and the opportunity for each child to enjoy the components of dance in a social and interactive environment. While active sports and dance programs are widely available to the general population, these programs do not always accommodate students who move through the world differently. We believe dance is a great way for all students to become aware of their abilities, to enjoy movement, and to appreciate diversity.

Our Youth program will be available in two formats.

  • School based program
  • Kids Hip-Hop dance crew

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