Adult Classes

8-Week Ballroom & Latin Dance Program, No Charge

Would you like to learn to Foxtrot, Rumba and Cha-Cha by a Professional Dance Instructor? Then this adaptive dance class is for you. Wheelchair users and volunteer dance partners learn the most popular dance styles while socializing and having lots of fun. Open Registration.

Classes for All Ages

All-Inclusive Hip-Hop & Fitness Dance Program:

This, all-inclusive, innovative fitness and hip hop dance class centers around high energy movements to upbeat music. Improvement of strength, range of motion and coordination is the highlight of this program. All dances are adapted for wheelchair users to participate.

Volunteers Needed

Able-bodied volunteers (Walkers) are needed to partner with those using wheelchairs (Rollers).

Youth Programs

Special needs and physically challenged students are greatly undeserved. While sports and dance programs are widely available to the general population, they don’t always accommodate youth who move through the world differently. WDO aims to change that. We believe dance is a great way for all children to become aware of their abilities, enjoy movement, appreciate diversity and have fun while also increasing their physical strength, endurance, range of motion, motor skills, self-esteem and self-confidence.

All Inclusive Fitness and Dance Program:

  • 6-Week Inclusive Fitness and Dance Program offered at schools with enrollment of children with special needs and physical challenges, K-12 grades. Children learn an upbeat dance routine to a popular Hip-Hop song. The program concludes with a dance showcase in which able and disabled body children perform joyously together in front of friends, family, school staff and students. For more information contact Wheelchair Dancers Organization, 858-573-1571.

WDO’s Youth Adaptive Dance Program for children with special needs is made possible through the generous donations of friends like you. Please donate today.

For more information about WDO’s Youth Adaptive Dance Program, please call or write to Wheelchair Dancers Organization.  Contact Us.