“The joy expressed and the camaraderie that develops between all the walkers and rollers is emotionally inspiring. We who are not disabled are humbled when we see how those in the chairs improve and persevere. We see the person—not the wheelchair or disability.”

– Dorothy Howard, Volunteer Walker –


Your tax-deductible donation supports the Wheelchair Dancers Organization in its mission to provide individuals with disabilities and their able-bodied partners with the opportunity to learn Ballroom, Latin, Contemporary and Hip Hop dance styles, free of charge. Financial support is necessary in order to train and compensate our dance instructors, the core elements of adaptive dancing. WDO also requires funding to cover the costs of the 6-week Inclusive Fitness & Hip Hop Dance Program for physically challenged and special needs students.

Company Matching

You may be able to multiply your donation. Many companies will match their employees charitable donations. Ask your human resource representative if your employer matches donations for non-profit organizations, like Wheelchair Dancers Organization.

In-Kind Donations

The Wheelchair Dancers Organization needs skilled professionals to help with operations (see Volunteer page) and facilities to hold classes and events. Your non-cash donations are greatly appreciated and may be tax deductible to you as in-kind donations.

Special Requests

We will honor your donation towards a specific cause or Fund.

  • Youth Dance & Fitness Fund
  • Community Outreach Fund (performances, choreography and music for showcases)
  • Operations Fund (printing projects, printer and paper)
  • Voucher Program that covers MTS transportation to and from dance classes
  • Private dance classes for wheelchair dancers to improve their dancing skills
  • Support A Wheelchair Dancer of your choice to receive private lesson
Amazon Smile

The Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of each item you purchase when you register Wheelchair Dancers Organization. Get started. Mention WDO. We very much appreciate this kind of donation.

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