As a roller I started with Wheelchair Dancers Organization many years ago. “I gained some independence and I think I’ll be a very good dancer with practice. I am looking forward to coming back again and again . . .” My future plans for dancing is to “practice moves at home in case I go to a party. I will come to dance when morning classes are available (throughout the year).” Leah is my sponsor and she sees that my level of fitness is better, I am more hopeful, happier overall, and can’t wait to pursue more dance or recreation classes. My self-esteem is higher and dancing helped me with my eye contact goal; I am always looking forward to more dance moves and seeing my friends.
My favorite dance is the Rumba from our Showcase in 2017 and now I would like to learn Salsa, Swing Dance, and learn dance moves to Michael Jackson songs.
When they asked me for suggestions for improving the format of ballroom dance lessons, “I said, I can’t think of anything to change! I am having so much fun!”

Thank You Leah, Beverly, Jason, Karma and Patee