“Wheelchair dancing helps me feel physically and emotionally more confident. I have an extraordinary experience when my dance partner takes my hands, looks into my eyes and rhythmically glides me across the dance floor. My wheels become my feet and I become one with the music and my partner.”

– Beverly Weurding, Founder, Wheelchair Dancers Organization –

Muscular Dystrophy Takes… And Gives

Beverly Weurding was 55 years old when she was diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. Muscle degeneration soon rendered her dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. It also exposed her to a feeling of isolation and depression. Due to her life-long passion for dance, the encouragement from her last employer, Sharp HealthCare and the Grossmont Rehabilitation Center, she founded the Wheelchair Dancers Organization in 2008. WDO became a 501(c)3, non-profit in 2010 which offers free social dance classes for the mobility challenged as an opportunity to experience the ultimate joy and empowerment of ballroom, Latin and Contemporary dance.

Our mission is to create an avenue whereby the mobility challenged can enhance and strengthen their mind, body and spirit through dance. To quote Beverly “We have no limitation except those we place on ourselves.”

WDO’s innovative approach pairs wheelchair users (“rollers”) with stand up volunteers (“walkers”), providing a powerful opportunity for disabled and non-disabled participants to share the benefits of dance by engaging each of them in inspiring and exciting new ways. Everything we do is for the purpose of providing opportunities for the sport of dance for those who would otherwise be denied.

In addition to our adaptive dance classes and programs in schools and community settings, WDO engages in outreach activities and performs at dance-ability showcases, fundraisers and other special events.

Your donations to WDO are what sustain our ability to provide free dance lessons for an underserved community.