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8th annual October 3rd ♥ Hosted by Mary Murphyfundraiser

Join us for a dance party like you have never seen.

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support our 8th annual fundraiser
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Join us October 3,2020 at 10am-1130am for an hour and a half of fun…. you will have the opportunity to see many styles of dance to include Hip Hop, Bollywood, Latin Jazz, Contemporary, Island Fusion and our DIO Adaptive team will be performing as well. This event will be hosted by a special guest.

Tell the World About Your Amazing Startup

"As a roller I started with Wheelchair Dancers Organization many years ago. “I gained some independence and I think I’ll be a very good dancer with practice. I am looking forward to coming back again and again . . .” My future plans for dancing is to “practice moves at home in case I go to a party. I will come to dance when morning classes are available (throughout the year).” Leah is my sponsor and she sees that my level of fitness is better, I am more hopeful, happier overall, and can’t wait to pursue more dance or recreation classes. My self-esteem is higher and dancing helped me with my eye contact goal; I am always looking forward to more dance moves and seeing my friends.”

Andy Myers

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